Healthy Foods to Eat

Healthy foods to eat are ones which have the lowest calories and are most nutritious in amounts and richness of vitamins, minerals, healthy fats (very important), fiber and proteins. Fruits and vegetables are the foundation of a healthy diet. They are low in calories and high in nutrients. They are packed with vitamins, minerals, anti oxidants and fiber. Try to eat fruits and vegetables every day and with every meal.

Healthy foods also include healthy carbohydrates especially whole grains for long lasting energy. Whole grains are rich in anti oxidants which protect us against heart disease and diabetes. Eat more grains to have a healthy heart.

Healthy foods to eat doesn’t exclude fats! Enjoy healthy fats and avoid unhealthy fats. Olive oil is one good example of healthy fats. Good fats are needed to nourish your brain, heart and cells as well your hair skin and nails.
Healthy Foods to Eat are rich in nutrients
Foods rich in proteins is very essential in your diet because protein is very important for maintaining cells, tissues and organs.So your diet should include beans, and nuts like almonds, walnuts, pistachios and peanuts

Calcium is a very important nutrient that your body needs to stay fit and strong. Try to get the calcium your body needs from your daily diet.Diary products are rich in calcium. You can get calcium from diary products like milk, yogurt and cheese. Leafy vegetables like turnip, lettuce and celery are rich in calcium.

Eating healthy need not be complicated. By eating healthy food you can keep heart disease at bay. You can also stay slim and keep your immune system in tact.

Quick list of some of the healthy foods to eat.

  • Apples

    Apples are an excellent source of anti oxidants which are capable of extending life span and slowing down the ageing process.Apples are high in fiber content.

  • Almonds

    Almonds are rich in iron calcium fiber and vitamin E. Almonds help in maintaining cholesterol levels.

  • Walnuts

    Walnuts have high anti-oxide levels and omega 3 fatty acids. Walnuts are very good for the heart.

  • Broccoli

    Broccoli is rich in fiber vitamin C, calcium,, and phyto nutrients. Broccoli helps to reduce risk of developing heart disease and diabetes.

  • Oily fish

    Oily fish include salmon trout mackerel, herring and sardines, The oils in these fishes are good for the heart and the nervous system. Oily fish is also rich in vitamin A, D and omega 3 fatty acids.

  • Leafy green vegetables

    Leafy green vegetables like cabbage, and spinach are rich in anti oxides. They are a good source of nutrients and vitamins.. Leafy vegetables lowers the risk of diabetes.
    Pumpkin- Pumpkin is a low calorie vegetable. It has a high fiber content and rich in vitamin A.

Pairs of Healthy Foods

These food pairings are a sure shot way to get a healthy energy boost.

  • Lemon and Spinach

    Lemon juice can retain the high iron content of the dark green spinach leaves.

  • Olive oil and tomatoes

    Tomatoes are a major source beta -carotene. Olive oil helps the body to absorb the anti oxidants of tomato.

  • Strawberry and Yogurt

    Yogurt is a powerhouse of calcium.Yogurt is good to control blood pressure.Strawberry is packed with vitamin C. Together they can work wonders to your body. Having yogurt and strawberry in the morning can boost your energy.

Healthy foods to eat combo ideas

  • Broccoli and Fish.
  • Spagetti and roasted peppers
  • Spinach with orange slices
  • Oat meal with strawberries

According to digestion guru Donna Gates “You are not what you eat, you are what you digest”.

High Protein Snacks for healthy Weight Loss

High protein snacks are the tastiest way to keep you going, whether it is fueling up before going to the gym or taking a midday snack break. It is the perfect way to give you long lasting energy and curb your hunger.

People are always looking for nutritious snacks to eat. But unfortunately, they end up eating high carbs, high fat and low protein snacks which do not have nutritious value.

Quick high protein snacks - handful of almondsHigh protein snacks are a dieter’s best friend! Protein is essential for losing weight and it is a potent calorie burner. It plays an important role in most of our body functions, from building muscles to regulating sleep and boosting immunity. The average amount of protein that a person needs everyday is one gram per 2.2 pounds of body weight. It is not possible to fulfill this requirement by regular meals. High protein snacks are the perfect opportunity to refuel on a little extra protein.

People on a diet to lose weight think that eating healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner is enough to stay fit. So they ignore the food they snack on. Most of us do not keep anything handy to munch on. Thus we are likely to grab some healthy snack rich in fats and carbohydrates. A good alternative to these snacks are snacks rich in protein.

Easy to find High Protein Snacks

  • Cottage cheese and fruits

    Cottage cheese is one very good source of protein.
    Cottage cheese accompanied with fresh fruits or dried fruits and wee bit of honey is a heavenly combination.

  • Nuts

    Nuts are packed with proteins. A hand full mixed nuts will make a wonderful snack.
    Almonds walnuts and cashew nuts too can be taken as a snack.
    Munching of almonds everyday helps to maintain weight and keeps your cholesterol under control.

  • Hard boiled eggs

    Full of nutrients, hard boiled eggs is an excellent snack.
    Slice a hard boiled egg, sprinkle pepper and salt, place it on a piece of wheat bread and you will get a delicious snack.

  • Chocolate milk

    Low fat chocolate milk is a great source of protein

  • Egg whites

    The best think about egg whites is that it is low in cholesterol and fat.
    So having egg whites as a snack is a good option.
    Egg white omelette with minced onions pepper and tomato is a wonderful snack.

  • Tuna

    Tuna is a great source of protein. You can make a sandwich with tuna and whole wheat bread. You can also make a tuna salad by mixing 2 to 3 ounces of drained canned light tuna and one tablespoon of non fat yogurt and mustard to taste. Add celery carrots and peppers and your salad is ready.

  • Protein bars

    Always keep a protein bar in your handbag. Only be sure that the primary ingredient in the protein bar is not sugar. A protein bar containing fiber will keep your hunger away for a few hours.

So next time you reach for a snack choose a high protein snack instead of a high calorie snack. Happy snacking!

Healthy Crackers – Crunchy, Nutritious snacks

Healthy crackers make great, nutritious snacks. Its a huge misconception that snacking is bad. Snacking is great – its what you eat for snacks that makes it good or evil.
Snack on junk like fries, candy bars, soda – its is definitely bad. But, snack on food like healthy crackers mid afternoon, and it help you reach dinner safely!

Healthy crackers are great when you crave something crunchy. Beware, not all crackers are healthy. Healthy crackers are low in fat, low sodium, whole grain.

“Baked, not fried!”? Ignore that line. It doesn’t matter. What is important is the fat content per serving. Read the labels. Ensure the total fat content is less than 10 gms per 100 gm serving. Remember, wheat flour doesn’t mean whole wheat flour. So, ensure that the label says whole wheat.

Healthy Crackers

Homemade healthy crackers

Crackers are surprisingly easy to make yourself. They are as easy to bake at home as cookies. Its a sure shot way to have healthy crackers. I found the Rosemary Crackers recipe at Elana’s pantry just yummy.

Quick Recipe: Healthy Crackers Made at Home


  • 3 cups whole wheat flour (you can also have 2 cups whole wheat + 1 cup all purpose flour)
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 2 teaspoons pepper
  • 3 or 4 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 cup water


  1. Pre heat oven to 450 F
  2. Mix together all the dry ingredients
  3. Add water and oil and make a soft dough
  4. Put the dough on a baking tray and roll it out very thin. I use a rolling pin for this. Generally, I find it easier to divide the dough into two and roll & bake them separately.
  5. Sprinkle some sea salt if you like it salty
  6. Prick the dough with a fork to prevent them from puffing
  7. Cut the dough into cracker sizes. You can use anything for this – sharp knife, pizza cutter
  8. Bake it for 15 mins. The really thin ones bake faster – generally in about 10 – 12 mins.
  9. You can store them in an airtight container for almost a week.

Variety & Seasoning (Optional)
Bring in variety to your crackers by sprinkling different ingredients at step 5.

  • Mix 1 tablespoon sesame seeds, 1 tablespoon fennel seeds, 1 tablespoon poppy seeds, 1 teaspoon sea salt and sprinkle it evenly on the dough.
  • Variety or dried herbs
  • You can add a garlic flavor by adding 2 teaspoon of powdered garlic along with the dry ingredients in step 2
  • If, you are looking to make cheese crackers, add 1 1/2 cups of shredded cheese to the dry ingredients and knead well. Adjust the water and oil accordingly to make a smooth dough

Topping for Healthy Crackers?

Its great to have that perfect, low calorie cracker. Until you pile on that topping. A healthy topping is a very important part of enjoying healthy crackers.

  • Peanut or Almond butter
  • Hummus with carrots shredded or parsley or mint leaves.
  • Non fat yogurt with dill and bell peppers
  • Mango red pepper salsa with Jack cheese (my favorite – tangy, spicy & cheesy!)

Experiment with different flavored healthy crackers and have it with a light topping for that perfect mid-afternoon snack that will keep all cravings at bay.

Healthy Salads – Quick Snack or Filling Meal

Healthy salads are the fastest dish you can prepare to keep hunger at bay.
Not only as a gap filler between meals, they can be eaten along with meals too – definitely help you keep the main course portions under control. Some salads can be filling enough to make a meal in itself!
Healthy salads should be colorful
Typically healthy salads have a lot of vegetables, sometimes fruit and chicken or seafood if you are a non-vegetarian. They are generally served chilled or at room temperature. Though salads are made with raw vegetables some salads are made of cooked ingredients.

Beware of salad dressings & cheese – it can be the one factor that differentiates between a healthy salad and unhealthy one! Some unhealthy salads could have around 800 calories!
Perfect healthy salads would have no dressing at all! But, that would be awfully tasteless. If, you are on a strict diet to loose weight I would suggest seasoning your salad with herbs with a dash of lime juice for that extra tang.
For a cheesy feel, cottage & feta cheese are healthy options.

Secrets to making healthy salads

  • LettuceHealthy salads start with a base of a combination of different lettuce. They provide the fiber needed to make a balance meal. Fiber helps with digestion.
  • VegetablesDuh! Healthy salads have veggies of course. They provide the nutrients and vitamins. The more colorful they are, the more disease fighting nutrients you get. Of course, they also add the crunch in the salad.
  • Proteins & CarbohydratesThese will help you stay full for a long time. If, you are having a salad with you meal, this full feeling will help you make the right choices during main course – keeping temptation away. Add lean meat, fish, beans or cottage cheese. Potato, whole wheat pasta, brown rice will add the starch needed. Remember to keep the carbohydrates lower that the protein.
  • FatsThis you will get from the salad dressing. So, unless you are planning to loose weight add some sort of fat – a drizzle or olive oil, homemade vinaigrette. They help our body absorb fat soluable nutrients like lycopene in tomatoes.

2 Quick Healthy Salads

Chickpea Salad

Mix some chickpea, diced cucumber, diced tomatoes, chopped onions, salt, pepper, chillie flakes, oregano with a generous drizzle of lime juice over it. Toss well. This healthy salad is a perfect starter.

Chicken Salad

Add some pita bread and this salad can easily make a complete, healthy, filling meal – under 500 calories.


1/3 cup red-wine vinegar
2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil
1 tbsp chopped fresh dill, or oregano
1 tsp garlic powder
6 cups chopped romaine lettuce
2 1/2 cups chopped cooked chicken
2 medium tomatoes, chopped
1 medium cucumber, peeled, seeded and chopped
1/2 cup finely chopped red onion
1/2 cup sliced ripe black olives
1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese
salt & freshly ground pepper – to taste


Whisk vinegar, oil, dill (or oregano), garlic powder, salt and pepper in a large bowl.
Add lettuce, chicken, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, olives and feta. Toss well.

Healthy Grocery List

Eating healthy does not start in the kitchen – it starts with a healthy grocery list. It begins when you wheel your cart in your super market. Supermarkets can be very tempting places. The racks will be stacked with candies and cookies in every nook and corner. Never enter a grocery shop without arming yourself with a healthy grocery list. A well planned grocery list will keep your healthy eating plan on track. Good nutrition starts with the right choice in the grocery list. It would be a challenge to cook up a healthy meal if you don’t have the right ingredients in your kitchen. Before going for your grocery shopping plan all your meals for the week and have your shopping list ready.

‘To eat is necessary but to eat intelligently is an art.’

Healthy foods on your grocery list should include high fiber foods including whole grain foods, vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish, fortified whole grains, low fat foods which are low in saturated fats cholesterol and foods which have only a moderate amount of sugar and salt.

Colorful fruits & veg make a healthy grocery list

Standard Healthy Grocery List

Healthy grocery list will give you ample meal and snack options both at home and work. Stock your kitchen with

  • Cereals, oats, brown rice, whole wheat pasta
  • Whole wheat bread that contain at least 4 grams of fiber and have fewer than 100 calories per slice
  • Meat and sea food on your list should be skinless chicken, ground chicken or turkey, salmon trout and mackerels.
  • Oils, sauces, salad dressings and condiments on your list should be low in sodium
  • Use extra virgin oils like olive and coconut oils, canola oil
  • Red wine vinegar. The health benefits of red wine vinegar is no longer ‘old wives tales’!
  • Eggs. Very few foods share the same diverse nutrient mix available in a single egg. Choose eggs grown in a free-range or cage-free environment (research says its best to get them directly from a farmer who focuses on growing eggs in a healthy environment but, I am not sure how practical that is?). Eggs that say “organic” or “omega-3″ may not be as good as the cage free variety but, they definitely have the right idea.
  • Unsalted raw nuts such as peanuts, almonds and cashew nuts is a must in any healthy grocery list. They can be quick healthy gap fillers between meals at home or office. Do keep allergies in mind!
  • Of course, include fruits and vegetables. As far as possible ensure that your list has vegetables in every color.
  • Your grocery list should have at least one citrus fruit – like oranges, grapefruit, lime, lemon
  • A definite must is bell peppers. Try to include them in your meals.
  • Low sodium canned beans
  • Wheat crackers and low calorie chocolate packets (for that chocolate craving). Wheat crackers can be dressed up or down to make that perfect healthy snack to satisfy your craving!

‘Those who have no time for healthy eating will soon have to find time for illness’

Take time to prepare a healthy grocery list and stick to it.


Healthy Snacks for Diabetics is very important to keep the blood sugar at a constant level. For this, diabetics are recommended to have frequent, small meals through out the day. These meals must be low in carbohydrates and simple sugars. This will ensure a “full feeling” for long and also a slow release of sugar into the blood stream which will prevent sudden spikes.
Healthy Snacks for Diabetics
Diabetes is a condition where the pancreas is not able to produce insulin properly. This leads to an increase in blood glucose levels. There are types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is a condition where the pancreas is unable to produce insulin. It is usually diagnosed in children and adolescents. Type 2 diabetes is when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin or when the body does not use the insulin produced. It develops in adulthood. The third type of diabetes is gestational diabetes which occurs during pregnancy.

Simple recipes of healthy snacks for diabetics.

Planning meals is very important for controlling diabetes. Keep your blood sugar under control with diabetic friendly snacks. When you feel hungry in between meals, you need healthy snacks for diabetics that does not increase the blood sugar.

Some diabetic snacks include fruits like apples, grapes, whole grain crackers, cottage cheese, sugar free candies and vegetables like cucumber, tomatoes and carrots. You can also snack on nuts like peanuts, walnuts and almonds and light popcorn.

  • Mixed vegetable salad
    1 cup raw freshly cut vegetables- carrots broccali . cucumber celery.
    1 teaspoon mustard sauce
    1 teaspoon egg-less mayonnaise
    Mix all the vegetables with mustard sauce and eggless mayonnaise .Add pepper and salt to taste
  • Tomato and basil toast

    Whole wheat bread – 4 slices
    Olive oil – 2 teaspoons
    Garlic chopped – 2 teaspoons
    Tomatoes – 4
    Dried oregano – 1 teaspoon
    chopped basil leaves – 1 tablespoon
    De-seed tomatoes and cut into small pieces .Mix the tomatoes with basil leaves, dried oregano, pepper and salt and keep aside for 10 minutes, Remove excess liquid,Spread olive oil on the bread slices and spread the chopped garlic.Cut the bread slices into halves and bake in an oven at 180 -c( 360-F) for 3 minutes till they are lightly toasted . Spread tomato mixture on each toast.Serve hot.

  • Carrot and celery sandwich
    Brown bread – 4 slices
    lettuce leaves- 2
    tomato slices 4
    Grated carrots- /1/2 cup
    Finely chopped celery 2 tablespoons
    Finely chopped garlic 2 table spoons
    Low fat butter – 1 tablespoon
    Eggless mayonnaise- 1 tablespoon
    pepper and salt – to taste
    Mix carrots, celery, garlic, low fat butter, egg less mayonnaise, pepper and salt to taste and keep aside, On one slice bread place a lettuce leaf and place 2 slices of tomatoes over it, Spread some carrot and celery mixture over the tomato slices . Place another slice of bread over it. Cut the sand witch diagonally.

Simple Snacks Kids Can Make

Simple Snacks Kids Can Make
Simple snacks kids can make is a great way for grownups to help kids’ nurture their natural curiosity and gently introduce them to healthy foods. This makes them more independent and of course allows you to rest especially when you don’t feel like cooking ;-)

Simple snacks kids can make include:

  • The all famous trail mix.This snack can cater for different eaters particularly the picky ones as it consists of about five ingredients. The ingredients (cereals, crackers, dried fruits, nuts and pretzels amongst others) are dry so kids can mix them up without creating a mess.
  • Then there are fruit salads which are very healthy and will get your kids eating more fruits. Keep the fruits clean and allow them to mix plenty of fruits so that they can also have fun while at it.
  • Fruit and cheese kabobs can involve a group of kids together and be fun. Use bigger fruits like strawberries instead of grapes to avoid chocking. Then have the fruits and cheese in different bowls so that the kids can just put them on the stick.
  • Peanut butter or cinnamon toast give kids the ‘I can cook’ feeling. Let them spread the bread with anything they like and place the bread in the toaster. Ensure you have toaster tongs so that your kids don’t get burnt.
  • Other snacks kids can make are smoothies which are loved by majority of us. Always put the fruits in ready to blend mode so that even when they are really hungry they can just throw everything in the blender and produce a great treat.
  • Yogurt parfait is another healthy snack kids can make. Opt for plain yogurt which can be sweetened with honey or fruits and also keep a lot of healthy additions as kids will always want to use excessive ingredients.
  • The microwave pizza had to be in this compilation. Eight year olds’ can make this snack easily. Just stock the necessary toppings and put a chart that indicates cook times to prevent messes.
  • Frozen banana pops are other yummy snacks kids can make. They are a favorite as any topping goes. They only require the kid to stack banana slices on a Popsicle stick then coat the slices with honey or anything that can hold toppings like nuts, granola and cereals. Then freeze them for a few hours and voila! You are done.
  • Painted toast is another favorite. Just use food color to colour milk with different colors and let them paint on bread and toast it. Ensure they don’t soak the bread with milk.
  • Microwave popcorn is among the easiest snacks kids can make. Kids only need to put popcorn kernels in brown paper lunch bag, clip it close and throw it in the microwave then wait for the ping.

These are only a few of the snacks kids can make so teach your kids about kitchen safety and always put ingredients in lower drawers. Let them experiment and they will surprise you with what they produce.

Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

Summer means schools closed and kids at home 24×7! And so, healthy summer snacks for kids becomes an important part of the daily meal planning. To keep your kids on a better eating pattern is sometimes hard during this season, as most of them do not maintain the same calendar as on regular “school days”. Kids can sometimes be highly meticulous (or picky) eaters. Try to offer them foods like vegetables and fruits and see them grumble and fuss. Mix the healthy food with something that they love and, they become choosy and pick out only what they love.

Good luck in trying to force children to eat food that they don’t like!

Healthy summer snacks for kids - What a fuss! :)

There are many quick recipes that you can try at home. Getting children involved in the process of selecting the ingredients and preparing the snack is one way to get them to eat it (“I made it daddy – taste it, taste it!”)

Best Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

Children spend their time playing outside during the summer seasons, and this makes healthy summer snacks for kids even more important so that they have enough energy to take them through the day full of play.

  • The fruit cups

    Prepare a variety of fruits for your kids and put them into one dish. Ensure that the fruits that you prepare are the most preferable ones for your child. For example, if you are preparing fruits such as peaches, Apples, Watermelon and other big fruits then cut them into small cute shapes. In addition, you prepare special fruit cups that they will enjoy as snacks in the afternoon or for breakfast. They are the best healthy summer snacks for kids.

  • The cookies

    There is no kid who can refuse to take cookies no matter what the ingredients are. If you want to make your children a little healthier, then it is good to use Splenda as an alternative of sugar. If possible, you can have children around to help you prepare some cookies. Cookies are good healthy summer snacks.

  • Sandwiches

    Great healthy summer snack for kids, which they generally do not resist from eating. In this, prepare turkey, bologna, harm, and even grilled cheese. You can also add a few tomatoes or lettuce for the healthier sandwiches. If your child does not love these latter, you can try some celery, carrots, and raw broccoli for them.

Many people never actually plan for different healthy summer snacks for kids. This means, kids go around picking anything that they would like to eat – chips, candies, cola! Most of these are rich in sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.

In addition, there are tons of summer parties for kids where foods are generally not healthy – burgers, fries, fried foods, sweets! Of course, indulging in them once in a while is fine – in fact absolutely recommended. Its better that they have them under your guidance than, sneaking behind your back.

On your part, prepare a good menu for healthy summer snacks at home or whether inviting children over. Pick fruits that are in season to ensure they are juiciest and most tasty.
Remember, summer is when your kids needs more energy than ever!

Healthy Recipes for Dinner

Healthy recipes for dinner is a subject which cannot be ignored. This is mainly due to the tedious lifestyle which most of us live. For those who work the whole day, you sometimes eat at work in order to keep on doing the activities of the day. This kind of routine may not give you time to prepare healthy recipes for dinner and this is what this article solves by giving some simple recipes for dinner which can be prepared in a short time leaving you healthy.

3 Healthy Recipes for Dinner

Healthy Recipes for Dinner
This is a unique system which can be applied by anyone in their lives. In order for it to work, one has to have a health conscious lifestyle and the need to have a healthy physique. In this article there are three healthy recipes for dinner which can be easily done by anyone without the need for extra help. We begin with the most basic which incorporates all the food groups for a healthy diet.

1. Grilled meat cubes with vegetables.

You will simply need to cut up some onions, potato and pepper into cubes that are the same size as the meat cubes. These should then be mixed with the meat cubes and vegetables and left for three hours to mix well. They should then be put in a tray and covered with an aluminum foil then placed in an oven for some time. Having been cooked for enough time, the foil should be removed to heat it up. It should be served preferably with salad.

2. Coleslaw sandwich and diet chicken.

Dressing made up of lemon juice, garlic and olive oil should be mixed with the chicken in a cooking pot. This should then be covered and put in a fridge for at least two hours. This should then be taken out and fried in a pan with no extra fat till cooked. Coleslaw is simply a mixture of carrot, cabbage, olive oil, lemon juice, salt and garlic. This should be put in the sandwich and toasted for a sweet look.

3. Chicken yogurt and vegetables.

Vegetables are an integral part of healthy recipes for dinner. This is because of the health benefits of colorful food. For this recipe you will need to cut up your preferred vegetables into cubes and a chicken into small pieces. All these ingredients should be mixed together with yogurt, tomato sauce and spices of your choice in a plastic bag and shaken thoroughly. This mixture should then be placed in a tray and baked for one to one and a half hours. Once this is done, the meal can be served together with rice and preferably a salad.


In conclusion, healthy recipes for dinner are a great way to add health into your busy schedule by having all the required food groups for healthy living in your diet. Healthy recipes for dinner can be done by anyone and they do not need that a person is an experienced chef to accomplish it. The recipes given above are a good starting place towards a healthier life.

Healthy snacks for children are a major concern for most parents. In this age of cheap and yummy junk food, its a constant effort to convince children to make healthy snack choices. Parents and children are forever at loggerheads over choosing fruit over cookies, pasta over burger!
Experienced child specialists and experts have talked about many tips, on how parents and guardians can easily convince their young family members to take healthy snacks during the daytime.
Healthy snacks for children should be fuss free

Introduce Healthy Snacks for Children Early

Most nutritionists recommend parents to introduce healthy foods as early as possible. This helps mold the taste buds before the attach of the junk! I am sure you have noticed that children generally choose to eat the same kids of food every time, all the time, wherever they go. They like to eat food that they are familiar with. Make it a family thing to have a fruit after lunch, or munching on chickpea poppers instead of chips and you will find that this habit will continue where ever they are.

Fun Snack Time – Key towards Preparation of Healthy Snacks for Children

Introduce healthy snacks for children earlyHealthy snacks for children should be fun. It should be easy to eat (I generally recommend finger food), yummy tasting (as far as possible without making them unhealthy) and looking good. I agree its a daunting task, especially so if you are a working mom. But, no pain no gain is true in this case, I guess. Go online and you will find many websites that list kid friendly ingredients and yummy recipes with it.
Make healthy snacks for children interesting by getting them involved in the processing. Give them a list of healthy ingredients and let them choose one. Get them to help you make it.
Don’t under estimate the power parents have over their children – make use of it!
Children love to copy their parents. Let them see you use healthy food. Casually tell them how you love that ingredient and how it makes you feel. Soon you will find your child making the exact same choices.

Beverages Play an Important Role in Healthy Snacks for Children

Be ready for the cola attack! This is one item that I personally find very difficult to tackle. Like my son says – “There is just nothing that tastes as good as fizz in your mouth!”
I think this is one situation where you will just need to be firm. Fruit juice, smoothies, milk or plain water – no fizz! Its best to never introduce them to fizz at all. Don’t let them see you buy cola. Don’t serve it at home ever. Even if, you have a kids party or sleep over. Of course, your child will have it when hes out with his friends (I say his because I have a little son at home :D ) but, you can restrict to just those times.

Yogurt is the Best Healthy Snacks for Children

If you are not allergic, yogurt is one of the best healthy snacks for children. It is so versatile. You can have it as it is. Or sweeten it up with fruits. Or add water, salt and spices and make cool shake. It can act as an easy replacement to the different pudding packs to find in the market.
Another healthy snacks for children is popcorn though, it depends on how you prepare it. Keep the oil and salt low. Experiment with spices for flavor.

In Summary..

Healthy snacks for children are not only nutritious but, also keep them full for long and give them the energy needed to be children throughout the day. Keep healthy snacks simple, easy to access and always in plain sight. Children generally do not have the patience to go digging into the pantry for a snack – what they see first is what they take. Use this to your advantage and trick them into eating good! Its all about planning, a bit of hard work and using your power as a parent :D

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